Thursday, March 28, 2013

4 months and counting...

Four months ago today I started this blog, Hope & Salvage, not sure where it was heading.  Mostly it was a notion of mine and a vision of my friend, Lynn. The counter on this blog tonight is 3886! Three thousand, eight hundred and eight-six times, people checked in to see what I was up to.  I humbly thank all of you for that honor.


Lately, I've been more of a starter than a finisher.  I come to a place in a project where I can't go any further, either because I lack a supply, a skill, a tool, or a hand, to proceed. Tonight, I finished something that wasn't even really a project.  I dug this piece, sort of shelving unit, out of a dumpster at a maintenance job I had years ago.  It held paint in the basement, then my soap supplies, and now, I'm upcycling it to hold the signs I'm starting. It was probably made by a rough carpenter out of old industrial signs, but it's a sturdy piece and too heavy to move around on a whim.  Which always means....La Verne buys casters. I added what I laughingly call 'crown molding' on the top and bottom.  The funnier thing is how I mitered the edges. That is eyeing it up. I bought a table saw on Craiglist a few years ago for $30, but it's wedged in the other refrigerator (my garage) and doesn't have a guard, so I hesitate to use it in a confined space.  Thank goodness for wood filler-where the molding swallowed most of the tube whole. Two coats of paint and the signs will overshadow my (un)-handiwork. Here is a look:


I attended the BEST concert last night at church.  What parish has an oboe? We do. Horns, and a cello, violins, a tenor sax, drums, guitars, flute. A real orchestra.  And a first rate choir, filled with gusto and passion. I noted 3 standing ovations with whistles.  Okay, I was the whistler. My little Mom taught me and why let it go to waste? 


Right now, prom gowns, wedding attire and alterations are eating up my time, but pretty soon, full speed on wood refinishing. 

One item that is quite fun is a little keepsake letter box that I am restoring.  I will have more on it tomorrow when I show it to you finished.


As ever,
La Verne

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